The Fred Five
September 24, 2017

A great way to spend
a Sunday Afternoon!

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The Fred Five
Our beautiful boy, Fred, was born September 28th, 2003 in Billings, MT, after a healthy, full-term pregnancy. Soon after birth, Fred showed signs of distress.  After three weeks of tests and no answers, Fred was transferred to Denver Children's Hospital. It was there that Fred was diagnosed with GALD (neonatal hemochromatosis/gestational alloimmune liver disease). The mortality rate of this disease is over 80%, and our sweet Fred died November 22, 2003. Even as a newborn, it was plain to see that Fred was courageous and strong. He taught us about loving and letting go; and now he is inspiring us to fight this horrible disease. Since 2013 The Fred Five has raised nearly $40,000 for GALD research.  In addition, we were able to donate $3,000 to the Washburn Ambulance Endowment Fund last year!  This was a great way to give back to our small community that has been so supportive of The Fred Five.  Money raised in 2017 will gain be split between Lurie Children’s Hospital for GALD research and the Washburn Ambulance.
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  1. Our Goal
    Our goal this year, as always, $10,000! Money raised so far for research of GALD – over $40,000 in 4 years!
  2. Family Friendly
    All Ages Welcome! Stress Free - Family Friendly Event! Bring Your Stroller! One Mile Walk/Run Available! New this year.... 50m toddler dash!
  3. Local Support
    Once again a portion of our proceeds will go to the Washburn Ambulance Endowment in order to give back to the Washburn community, which has been so supportive of The Fred Five!
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